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Zeta had been suffering from a skin allergy, which had become infected, leaving open sores on her back. Since being in our care she has responded amazingly well to treatment, and her fur is growing back nicely. She will need no further treatment once this has finished.
Zeta has just finished her season, so cannot be spayed for a further 3 months, new owners must sign our Neutering Agreement, and get this done as soon as Zeta is ready.
Not known how Zeta is with cats. We will rehome her with older children only, if any.
Zeta is such a character!! She is great with other dogs, but does like to be the top dog. She isn't aggressive, just bossy!
Zeta is perfectly house trained, and is fine to be left for a couple of hours.
She walks nicely on the lead, and her recall is fine. She loves chasing the young dog she is in foster with, but then gives her a cheeky bum nip!! So be warned, she can shift when she wants to!
Zeta travels well in the car. She doesn't appear to have a sensitive tummy, which is good as she is a real foodie! She will do anything for you as long as there is a treat involved!
Zeta is NOT hoover friendly, and will seek out the hoover & stand giving it abuse even when unplugged!!!

This cracking girl is in foster care in Warrington, Cheshire.

Female - 9 years old - in Cheshire.
Reno is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.
Reno has not been socialised with other dogs, so is now aggressive to other dogs. He has to be muzzled on walks, or walked with a halti so owner has complete control.
This is workable with, but would need alot of time, training & commitment from new owner to get him over this issue.
Reno is fine with older children.
Not good with cats.
Reno is a big bouncy lad who adores humans, and is great with visitors. Very friendly with our assessor .
He is housetrained, travels well in the car, and is ok to be left, he wont chew or mess.
Reno sleeps downstairs, but there is a stairgate preventing him going upstairs.
Reno knows some basic commands, and further training is a must for this lad.

Currently in Leicester, for anybody wanting a project that will reward them tenfold!

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This stunning lady is Zeta, who is approximately 9 yrs old, and was found as a stray in a terrible mess.
This handsome boy is 4 yr old Reno, who needs a new home as his owners are expecting a baby.
Storm is not spayed, but is vaccinated and microchipped.
Storm is good with children of all ages. She is not keen on cats.
Storm lives with a collie, and is good with all other dogs, she just wants to play, and will instigate the playing herself!
She is good with visitors, always happy to greet them. She ran around the house all excited to find a toy for our assessor!
She is ok to be left without chewing or messing. Storm has never been a good traveller, but not sick, she just dribbles and is unhappy.
Storm is strong on the lead, so could do with a head collar or training. She has good recall off lead.
Storm sleeps downstairs in the kitchen. No toy possession issues, but will warn other dogs away from her food bowl.

This lovely girl is currently in Diss, Norfolk.

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Storm is a stunning 8yr old girl, who needs a new home as the new baby is allergic to her fur.
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Major is one of the most handsome German Shepherds we have ever seen!
Major is aged around 4- 5yrs old.
Major was found as a stray before coming into our care. We have had him neutered, and he recovered well and quickly from the surgery.
Major is a large boy, who would ideally like an experienced owner.
He seems ok with other dogs, but needs to feel owners confidence around them.
As we know nothing of his background we will not rehome him with children under 7 yrs of age.
Not known how Major is with cats.
Major travels well, and is clean in his kennel mostly.
He loves a hug from his human, and would give his heart & soul for his own family.
Can you be that family??

Currently in kennels in Carmarthen.

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