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German Shepherd Rescue - Rescuing & Rehoming German Shepherd Dogs & Puppies throughout the UK

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We are appealling for a very special home for our lovely Sky.
Sky is only around 3 yrs old, but has problems with her hips & hocks, which mean she will only be mobile for a few years. Her xrays show bone overgrowth and the vet has informed us there is no option for surgery.
So Sky needs a special home, who will exercise her regularly but not over do it. She would not be able to do hilly walks, or long hikes. She would benefit greatly from swimming, and the rescue will pay for 2 hydrotherapy sessions per month for her for life. Her weight needs to be kept low, and she would benefit from supplements such as Yumove, green lipped mussel, and glucosamine & chondroitin.
Sky is a happy girl, who rarely needs pain relief, but will need it more as time goes on. Worst case scenario in approx 2yrs time , she wont be able to hold her back end up. Best case scenario she will potter around for a couple of years and hopefully reach 7 or 8 yrs old. We simply dont know.
Sky has so much love to give. She adores children. She is great with cats. She is fine with other dogs. She is housetrained, travels well, and really enjoys the walks she does. Her recall is good.
Please can somebody open their hearts to this lovely girl, and cherish her for the rest of her days?
Currently in foster care nr Oldham, Lancs.

Female - 3 years old - in Oldham, Lancashire
This stunning lady is Zeta, who is approximately 9 yrs old, and was found as a stray in a terrible mess.
Zeta had been suffering from a skin allergy, which had become infected, leaving open sores on her back. Since being in our care she has responded amazingly well to treatment, and her fur is growing back nicely. She will need no further treatment once this has finished.
Zeta has just finished her season, so cannot be spayed for a further 3 months, new owners must sign our Neutering Agreement, and get this done as soon as Zeta is ready.
Not known how Zeta is with cats. We will rehome her with older children only, if any.
Zeta is such a character!! She is great with other dogs, but does like to be the top dog. She isn't aggressive, just bossy!
Zeta is perfectly house trained, and is fine to be left for a couple of hours.
She walks nicely on the lead, and her recall is fine. She loves chasing the young dog she is in foster with, but then gives her a cheeky bum nip!! So be warned, she can shift when she wants to!
Zeta travels well in the car. She doesn't appear to have a sensitive tummy, which is good as she is a real foodie! She will do anything for you as long as there is a treat involved!
Zeta is NOT hoover friendly, and will seek out the hoover & stand giving it abuse even when unplugged!!!
This cracking girl is in foster care in Warrington, Cheshire.

This handsome boy is 4 yr old Reno, who needs a new home as his owners are expecting a baby.
Reno is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.
Reno has not been socialised with other dogs, so is now aggressive to other dogs. He has to be muzzled on walks, or walked with a halti so owner has complete control.
This is workable with, but would need alot of time, training & commitment from new owner to get him over this issue.
Reno is fine with older children.
Not good with cats.
Reno is a big bouncy lad who adores humans, and is great with visitors. Very friendly with our assessor .
He is housetrained, travels well in the car, and is ok to be left, he wont chew or mess.
Reno sleeps downstairs, but there is a stairgate preventing him going upstairs.
Reno knows some basic commands, and further training is a must for this lad.
Currently in Leicester, for anybody wanting a project that will reward them tenfold!

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Sky is a pretty 4 yr old short coated bitch, who needs a new home as she is not good with small dogs, and her owner has 2 small dogs.
Sky is not spayed, so will need doing as part of adoption agreement.
Sky lives with 2 German Shepherds and 2 terriers- she is aggressive with the terriers, and quite dominant with the larger dogs. So we would like Sky to be the only dog.
She does live with cats, up to 6 at any one time, with no problems.
Sky is fine with children over 7yrs of age.
An intelligent girl who knows most commands, and also resposnds to hand signals. Sky is very strong on the lead, but good off lead.
Sky sleeps next to her owners bed, and is fine to be left for a few hours, she doesnt chew or mess. Sky is housetrained.
Travels well in the car, but is a bit whiny - most likely excitement. Sky greets visitors boisterously, but friendly, no aggression at all. She is quite full on with her affection, and loves to play ball.
On her walk with our assessor Sky showed no interest in dogs on the beach, was very focussed on her ball, and owner.
Sky enjoys attention, and seeks affection constantly. She is currently in quite an active, busy household and she would benefit from a much calmer, less manic ennvironment.
Sky is currently in Easington, Cleveland.
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UK German Shepherd Dog Rescue" (c) Copyright 2010 - 2013 - all rights reserved.
UK German Shepherd Dog Rescue" (c) Copyright 2010 - 2013 - all rights reserved.
Max is 10mths old and needs a forever home as his owners cannot cope with his needs.
Max is vaccinated and microchipped but not yet neutered.
He is a stunning short coated boy, who lives with 6 yr old twins, and adores them. However due to his protective nature, we will only rehome with much older children, if any.
Max lives with cats, but given the chance would hurt them.
He also lives with another dog, a small terrier, and gets on ok with it, but will lunge at dogs on walks.
Max is housetrained, and will open doors and let himself out! New owners must be aware of this!
Max is fine to be left for a couple of hours, and wont chew or mess. He isn't keen on car travel, but will get in the car easily without issues.
Max has become too dominant for his owner, and she no longer has any control over him. With a firm, fair, experienced owner he will soon turn around and become a loyal, wonderful dog.
He is very strong on the lead, and he has no recall at all. His owner is very worried about what Max might do, so holds him back with visitors, and other dogs, and this in turn signals to Max to react. They are in a vicious circle that needs to be broken. When he met our assessor & her husband he showed no aggression towards them but owner said he can nip.
Max is food aggressive with other dogs, but not people.
With the right owner, some time & training & firm boundaries put in place from the start, Max will eventually make the cracking dog we know is inside of him.

Currently in Longbenton, Tyne & Wear.
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