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We are appealling for a very special home for our lovely Sky.
Sky is only around 3 yrs old, but has problems with her hips & hocks, which mean she will only be mobile for a few years. Her xrays show bone overgrowth and the vet has informed us there is no option for surgery.
So Sky needs a special home, who will exercise her regularly but not over do it. She would not be able to do hilly walks, or long hikes. She would benefit greatly from swimming, and the rescue will pay for 2 hydrotherapy sessions per month for her for life. Her weight needs to be kept low, and she would benefit from supplements such as Yumove, green lipped mussel, and glucosamine & chondroitin.
Sky is a happy girl, who rarely needs pain relief, but will need it more as time goes on. Worst case scenario in approx 2yrs time , she wont be able to hold her back end up. Best case scenario she will potter around for a couple of years and hopefully reach 7 or 8 yrs old. We simply dont know.
Sky has so much love to give. She adores children. She is great with cats. She is fine with other dogs. She is housetrained, travels well, and really enjoys the walks she does. Her recall is good.
Please can somebody open their hearts to this lovely girl, and cherish her for the rest of her days?
Currently in foster care nr Oldham, Lancs.

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Female - 3 years old - in Oldham, Lancashire
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This beautiful lady is 4 yr old Roxy, who came into rescue after her owners couldnt keep her any longer due to long working hours. They put Roxy on an advert free to good home, but thankfully agreed to let a rescue help.
Roxy is not spayed, vaccinations are out of date, but thankfully she is microchipped!
Roxy is clean in the house, travels well, and is ok to be left for a few hours without chewing or messing. She was regularly left very long hours in her previous home. Roxy has been crate trained also, and will happily use one as her bed.
Roxy is not good with children, as she was tormented by local children throwing sticks and stones at her in the garden in her previous home.
Roxy is fine with other dogs with calm introductions, as long as the dog is not too much in her face. She likes playing with another young bitch called Shadow, at the kennels.
Roxy is not keen on cats.
Roxy has real trust issues, and when she first meets strangers she can appear aggressive. However, once she knows you, and trusts you, she gives you her whole heart & soul, and will do anything you ask. She adores playing ball, loves a rough and tumble hug with you . She just needs to get over the initial meeting and she is fine.
Roxy pulls a little on the lead at first, & likes to meet other dogs on walks so will pull you towards them, but otherwise she is fine on the lead.
With the right calm, confident owner Roxy will blossom, she has so much love to give the right person, but you have to earn her trust first.
Currently in kennels in Preston, Lancashire.

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Female - 4 years old - in kennels in Preston, Lancashire.
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Male - 6 years old - in Newton Abbott, Devon.
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This handsome boy is 6 yr old Harley, who needs a new home as he is chasing sheep, and local farmer will shoot, if he catches him.
Harley is neutered and microchipped, but his vaccinations are not up to date.
Harley has always lived with other dogs, and gets distressed when seperated from them. He would need to be rehomed with at least one other dog, as he suffers seperation anxiety if alone.
Harley is great with older children. He lives with cats, but will chase and pin them given the chance.
Harley pulls on the lead, but has great recall. He will come back to just a whistle.
Harley is housetrained, although sleeping outside in a kennel at the moment, he is very well behaved and clean indoors.
He is not interested in toys, and has no food possession issues at all.
He is very puppy like in play, and with some structured exercise and training would make a fantastic dog for any home.
This lovely boy is waiting patiently in Newton Abbott, Devon.

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In foster Lincs/Staffs & Lancashire.
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We have taken into our care 11 German Shepherd cross Staffy puppies, who came into us in an awful state. They were riddled with worms, severely underweight and very dehydrated.
Mum was a lovely natured staffy girl, and dad was a huge long coated German shepherd.
After full vet check, being wormed, and some serious rehydration therapy, thankfully all the puppies are now thriving.
We have split the puppies into small groups in foster homes to give them the best chance. We have 8 boys and 3 girls. They are all cheeky, feisty, lovable little puppies and at the moment only 6 weeks old, so wont be ready for a couple more weeks, but we would like to have wonderful homes waiting for them when they are ready.
We have 2 boys, 1 girl in foster in Lincolnshire. 2 girls one boy in foster in Stoke. 2 boys in foster in Manchester, and 3 boys in foster in Bolton, Lancashire.
All puppies will have their 1st vaccination, be microchipped and flea and worm treated before going to forever homes.

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