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We have German shepherds waiting for homes right now.

All our dogs will make excellent family pets
We use kennels as a last choice so we are always looking for those special people who are able to foster a dog, whilst we are looking for a forever home.
We can't rescue and rehome German Shepherds without your help.
Our dogs rely entirely on donations, your donations help our rescue continue its work in helping neglected & unwanted German shepherd dogs & puppies here in the United Kingdom.
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UK German Shepherd Rescue Angels - Rescuing & Rehoming German Shepherd Dogs & Puppies throughout the UK

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The Offa's Dyke Walk - 28th March 2015
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Thank you for visiting our rescue website and hope you enjoy your experience while here. We the UK-GSR Angels are a specialist German Shepherd rescue or Alsatian if you are little older. We are also a UK national volunteer based rescue with over 400 country wide members covering all regions of the United Kingdom. If you are not already familiar with rescues you are welcome to use the tabs below to learn more about us, our rescue and how we do things a little different than other rescues.
"Welcome to the UK-GSR Angels "

"An organisation dedicated to the welfare of the German shepherd breed. We use our vast knowledge and experience to rescue unwanted and needy German shepherd dogs and German shepherd puppies and rehome them to only the best homes throughout the UK"

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4 years old
County Durham
Sky came into rescue last Autumn, after being kept in a filthy shed, & bred from over and over.
For Adoption
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10 year old Ben needs a forever home please.
He was picked up as a stray last year, been in foster ever since, but now needs a permanent home. In Kent.

If you think you can offer Ben a full time home please complete our adoption form without delay.
Just in Rescue - get your adoption forms in
Thunder landed safely in Elswick kennels, Preston.

A visit from the groomer this weekend for Sunday pampering, watch out for this big lad.

Currently being assessed
"I need to find my boy a home before I die".
In rescue at times we have tragic stories ... This is Simba's.... He is 8 years old and his dad is dying ... He is holding onto life just to make sure that Simba is safe .... Simba doesn't want to leave his dad's side and our wonderful volunteer Andy Webb went round tonight and will be walking him for the family whilst the all adjust and say goodbye ... I have kennel space but would love for a home or foster to come up by Sunday .... Simba is not good with cats ... Has been ok whilst visiting the stables with horses and the daughters dog and yard dogs ... Although would prefer nothing bouncing in his face .... He is a gorgeous boy and I would love to let his dad have peace in knowing he is in a warm home .... Current in London ....
old german shepherd dog called ben needs a home uk_german_shepherd_rescue_angels_uk-gsr001064.jpg uk_german_shepherd_rescue_angels_uk-gsr001061.jpg
4 years old
Rock, who needs a new owner as his current owner works long hours, and due to Rock's strength, she cannot walk him.
For Adoption
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Keira is fine with other dogs, could happily live with a male dog. Off lead she mixes nicely with dogs, but is a bit barky on the lead. She is fine with people visiting, and doesnt chew when left. Fine with children over 7 years old.

Keira travels well in the car. She loves being groomed, which is lucky with her gorgeous long fluffy coat!
She was sleeping in a crate in the hallway at her previous owners home. She is housetrained.
Keira is strong on the lead, but this is easily corrected with a decent head collar. Her recall is good. She loves to play ball, and has no toy or food possession issues.

This stunning lady is so friendly, and affectionate, she deserves to be in a wonderful home being adored.

Currently in rescue kennels in Greenhithe, Kent.

uk_german_shepherd_rescue_angels_uk-gsr001047.jpg uk_german_shepherd_rescue_angels_uk-gsr001046.jpg uk_german_shepherd_rescue_angels_uk-gsr001043.jpg
8 years old
Bonnie sadly needs a new home as her owner has to move into accomodation which wont allow him to take Bonnie.
For Adoption
uk_german_shepherd_rescue_angels_uk-gsr001038.jpg uk_german_shepherd_rescue_angels_uk-gsr001036.jpg
3 years old
West Midlands
Well if you like a challenge & a bit of work , then Harley's your man! This is 3 yr old entire male Harley who needs a experienced owner.
For Adoption
Well if you like a challenge & a bit of work , then Harley's your man! This is 3 yr old entire male Harley who needs a new home as his owners have allowed him to rule the house.
Harley has been allowed to be top dog in the home, and consequently has shown aggression to every family member which has lead to his rehoming.
Harley hasnt been allowed to mix with any other dogs, and as a result appears aggressive when he meets them on walks. He does give it the full hit of showing teeth etc. Whicj is why socialising your dog is so important!!!

We would like to find Harley an expiranced home where he can learn to settle and respect is position in the home.

We are in no doubt given the right owner Harley will come on leaps and bounds.
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Social Walk Event
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UK German shepherds for adoption UK-GSR
4 years old
This very unique looking boy, a GSD x Husky, finds himself in rescue after his owners could no longer care for him.
For Adoption
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11 months old
This pretty girl is 11mth old Wicca, who needs a new home as she is not getting along with the other bitch that she lives with.
For Adoption
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