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Learn more about our dogs and where they come from, rescue dogs are often stereo types as problem dogs but many come from homes just like yours.
We use kennels as a last choice so we are always looking for those special people who are able to foster a dog, whilst we are looking for a forever home.
The UK German Shepherd Rescue requires volunteers in all regions of the UK, everybody is very welcome to join our rescue. We don't discriminate anybody and value everybody for what they can bring to our rescue. All age groups are welcome but you will need to be 21 years and over to work with our dogs due to insurance requirements, all volunteers under 21 are very welcome to fund raise, join in with breed awareness and help educate people with responsible dog ownership.
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Registered in England and Wales / Company Number 07664845 / Registered Charity Number 1160745
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Donate the the UK German Shepherd Rescue Angels
Registered address : Penfoel, (New Quay Bird Hospital) Cross Inn. Llandysul. Dyfed. SA44 6NR.
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There is so much going on at the UK German Shepherd Dog Rescue that we want to make sure you don't miss a thing!

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Council pounds are not a 'rescue' for people who can't be bothered with their dogs anymore, if you hand your dog into a pound they are not a stray and could be put to sleep within minutes of you leaving them.

You could say you found them, this will give them seven days grace for their owner (you) to never come forward, if the kennels are full other dogs will die because of you. This is a real problem.

For some people, dogs are simply disposable items, for those with genuine reasons needing to rehome rescue offers a lifeline, we often hear people say we stand little or no chance of finding a rescue space as they are full of unwanted pets from people who didn't take into consideration the needs of their pet before owning one, we will always try and help a needy GSD.

If you don't want the responsibility of a dog then please do not get one....!
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My Great Web page
The Main Rescue Group, find all the latest rescue information here and new dog for adoption.
A social Group for members to keep in touch, post pictures of their furbabies, ask for advice and generally chat.
Our rescue is big on social media, new dogs shown on our Facebook pages often don't reach this website. If your not a member of our "Main Group" you're probably missing out, not only with the new dogs but what's happing within our rescue. Facebook is FREE to join.
The Dog Lot is here for all those special things your dog deserves.
The Dog Lot
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Social Group
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Main Group
The UK-GSR are a national volunteer based charitable
rescue covering all regions of the United Kingdom.

a rescue with modern ideas

Welcome to the UK-GSR
We like to do things a little different here at the UK-GSR simply because we added some common sense into the way we do business. If we wanted you to jump through hoops we would have opened a circus for unwanted clowns, we certainly don't judge people simply because they don't tick all the right boxes on our adoption form, and we don't have any ego tripping staff who make you feel belittled when asking for help.

Instead have a friendly happy rehoming team who view you your family and your home on what you can offer one of our dogs.

That's three simple things that makes a world of difference.
A range of products designed for you
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Lauren is going to the extreme to raise donations for our dogs, please take a minute to become a sponsor.

See Our Dogs For Adoption

By purchasing our merchandise you are helping our rescue raise much needed funding and promoting awareness of our rescue.
All merchandise are excellent quality and will last you many years. Children's clothing also available.
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make your donations work harder

Are you helping a needy dog or topping up a bank account?
It's fair to say all rescues need donations but if your like me I like to see my donation make a real difference to a dogs life right now. I want my donation to save a dog from being put to sleep, secure them from abuse and be treated for life saving medical conditions.

What I don't want is my hard earned money simply being added to the 200,00+ bank account from a good begging story. We call this accumulative fund raising and it doesn't help dogs.

We don't pick the easy dogs to rehome or avoid the sick and elderly that cost money, we rescue what is put in front of us and help those that need us most, and we do this because we are passionate about German Shepherds. So if you can donate a little something to our shoe string budget we would by very grateful or why not join us in helping save this loyal and deserving breed.
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A fencing issue has seen many a good home miss out on adopting a dog that was desperate for a family home, yet remained unwanted in a kennel system because a fence is to low, was this right or wrong?

We know some rescues adopt a "one fence rule" for every adoption regardless of the dogs age or ability, we at the UK German Shepherd Rescue add some common sense to our fence rules.
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Fencing Policy Explained
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Keep your dogs safe - they are worth more than you think.

Learn more about why you shouldn't offer a dog "FREE TO GOOD HOME"

pounds are
not rescues
lost & found
What You Should Do
Losing your pet can be one of the worse things that could happen, the not knowing where they are or how they are coping can be very stressful to both you the owner and your lost pet.

The right actions could see a fast and safe return.

Read more on what to do if your loose or find a dog.
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UK German Shepherd Rescue Angels- Rescuing & Rehoming German Shepherd Dogs & Puppies throughout the UK

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Dexter (Lancashire)
9 years old - Male
Dexter is neutered, microchipped and has been vaccinated.
Dexter has lived with cats previously.
Henry (Bristol)
10 years old - Male
Henry is is vaccinated and microchipped. He has recently been neutered.
Kaz (Wales)
4 years old - Female
Kaz is vaccinated , microchipped, but not yet spayed.
Jake (Yorkshire)
11 years old - Male
Jake is good with children of all ages
Achilles (Yorkshire)
2 years old - Male
She started life in a shed and went to her current home at approximately 2-3 months old.
Wolfe (Cornwall)
1-2 years old - Male
Wolfe is a malamute cross gsd. Wolfe needs a new home as his owner cannot cope with his issues.