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UK German Shepherd Rescue - Rescuing & Rehoming German Shepherd Dogs & Puppies throughout the UK

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Dogs for adoption

We currently have 25 dogs looking for adoption this week.
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Safe Responsible

Rehoming by a UK Trusted Charity
On average we have about sixty German Shepherds looking for homes at any one time, in order to match our dogs to the very best homes we have the adoption process, the adoption process is a simple way of learning about you, your home and what you can offer one of our dogs.
Giving up your dog is never an easy decision to make, so giving up your dog to a dedicated German shepherd rescue is your first step in the right direction. We are so passionate about the GSD breed that we carry a “No Kill Policy” so you can be reassured that no time limit for re-homing your pet is placed upon them.
Responsible Safe Rehoming
Adopting you're new German Shepherd
Can you foster a German Shepherd until we find them their own family, can you give them a safe in a caring and stable family home, You won't be on your own; our experienced team will be there every step of the way. You will receive 24 hour support and a financial help.
Fostering a German Shepherd
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The UK German Shepherd Rescue (UK-GSR) is a network of over 400+ volunteers, each having their own skills and abilities, but all share one common interest, a dedication and passion for the German Shepherd breed.

We are all rescuers united. Rescuing isn't about being upset and saddened by what you see, it's about changing a dogs life forever, it's about working as a team to help a dog on their journey into a loving home and a brighter future.
Our help pages can provide some useful information on helping your settle in their new home. We have made every effort to match you too your dog rescue dog, our success can only be measured by the fact that very few dogs end up being returned.

Most dogs settle in just fine but there are no guarantees everything will work out, so do be prepared to be guided by rehoming team with realistic and honest advice, eternally are here to help both of you.
Preparing for a new rescue dog
We can't rescue without your help
By purchasing our merchandise you are helping our rescue raise much needed funding and promoting rescue awareness. You can pay for items using your credit or debit card via our PayPal option (no registration required). If you want to order by post, please send a cheque to the address on our contact page or contact us if you wish to pay by bank transfer. All merchandise are excellent quality and will last you many years. Children's clothing also available.
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UK German Shepherd Rescue NEWLETTER
There is so much going on at the UK German Shepherd Dog Rescue that we want to make sure you don't miss a thing!

By signing up for our newsletter, you will receive issues of our Newsletter straight to your inbox so you don't miss out on anything UK - GSR - you'll get all the latest news about our dogs, our work and the many challenges that we face in rescuing, caring for and rehoming our needy dogs.
There's only one way to keep up to date.
Our Rescue Merchandise
By purchasing our merchandise you are helping our rescue raise much needed funding and promoting awareness of our rescue.
A range of products designed for you and your dog
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A Simple £1 donation could change a dogs life!

 A simple £1 donation could change a dogs life for ever or even save their life.

What seems like a simple £1 coin is also the biggest weapon again animal cruelty and neglect here in the UK.

This simple coin when added to other kindly donated coins can achieve so much within the UK German Shepherd Rescue.
Get Supporting - Here's how ! 
Choose to support with your £1 donation either every "Wednesday" or every "Payday". Your donation will be automatically collected each period until you choose when to stop. Simply choose unsubscribe when you want to stop.
And that's it, safe secure, hassle free and most importantly your helping us help our dogs.
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Recycle these products and help our dogs
The UK German Shepherd Rescue is a registered charity committed to the welfare
of German Shepherd dogs throughout the United Kingdom.

The UK German Shepherd Rescue has kennels in Wales, Kent, Warwickshire, Derbyshire and Lancashire. We have an average of 50 German Shepherd dogs and even puppies looking for homes at any given time, dogs that cannot be rehomed are cared for in our loving foster homes.

The UK German Shepherd Rescue carries a no kill poilicy meaning they will stay in our care until a suitable loving home is found. 
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Rehoming Your
German Shepherd
It's all about Social media
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20,000+ people follow us on our social media platforms
Social media doesn't' work without you.

Social media doesn't' work on it's own.

Social media needs people like you and me to share share share. It only takes that one share to find that perfect home for one of our unwanted dogs.

Since 2010 social media has helped rehome over 7500 dogs through the UK German Shepherd Rescue social media platforms.
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UK Animal Charity For German Shepherd Dogs & Puppies
Covering All Regions of England & Wales

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COVID-19 latest: We are open and available for adoption, rehoming and fostering
We delighted that our rescue volunteers, kennels and funding events across the UK are now back fully operational, except where local restrictions are in place. Please use our contact page for any enquires or complete our adoption form if you wish to adopt one our our lovely dogs or complete our rehoming form should you require help finding a new home, remember our rehoming service still remains completely free.

Our rescue volunteers and social media communities are at the heart of everything we do. We want to reassure you we’re following government advice, and working responsibly with our rescue network to support our volunteers and costomers.